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When God Changes the Desires of Your Heart

February 16, 2017

This may come as a shock but when I first got married I vowed never to have children. Not that I have anything against kids but I didn’t grow up amidst them and I was a career woman, focusing my skills and time on copy writing. Until… God Changed My Heart Our weekly Bible study which we hosted at our home began our journey through the Book of Genesis. By the end of the 52-week study (yes, it was that in depth!) the Lord impressed upon me that I should have children (yikes!). I was a young married woman with dreams. What of that? So, I told the Lord before I went to bed that night, that if He wanted us to have kids then He must place that desire in me. I fell asleep disturbed, not quite knowing if I was being irreverent. When I got up the next morning the first thing that popped into my mind was that I wanted to have children. And that I wanted to have five! If I had nightmares that shook me to the core and thus changed my thinking, I didn’t remember it. What I’d recall is that I had such peace overcome […]

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Christian Women

Slow Down and Stand In Awe

Do you ever feel like you’re just too busy? You keep running and trying to get everything done, but know know something’s got to give. And that something is almost always our one-on-one time with Jesus. Or at least it is for me. I…

February 2, 2017

Why I am Considering Hybrid Publishing

Independent publishing, or self-publishing, has seen a huge rise over the past several years. Instead of waiting for rejection letters, authors have taken matters into their own hands and started getting their work out there. For better or worse, self-publishing is here to stay.…

January 30, 2017
Book Reviews

Novels vs Novellas with Debra E Marvin

I have invited Debra E Marvin to join us today. She is talking about novels vs novellas and I hope you will join me as I welcome her to Books, Faith, & Coffee. Thank you for hosting me, Heather. I look forward to chatting…

January 25, 2017
Christian Women

Jesus and My Birthday Wish

Today is my birthday. As we grow older, birthdays seem to mean less and less. But every year I stop and look back at my life. All I’ve accomplished. All I have been through. And this year, that leaves me thinking of you. You…

January 23, 2017