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What’s the Key to Getting Your Book Done?

March 9, 2017

The Christian Women Writer’s Club is looking deeper into how to finish the first draft of your book, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized the success or failure of all of my books comes down to one thing. I’ve written/contributed to over twenty books, but over the past year, I have really been struggling to finish my next one. When I realized the missing factor, I was able to start moving forward again and I have no doubts I’ll get my next book finished in no time. Find out what the missing ingredient was (and how it can help you too) by clicking here.

Why I am Considering Hybrid Publishing

Independent publishing, or self-publishing, has seen a huge rise over the past several years. Instead of waiting for rejection letters, authors have taken matters into their own hands and started getting their work out there. For better or worse, self-publishing is here to stay.…

January 30, 2017

Discover the Power of Teamwork: Join Our Team

Dear fellow author, Have you ever wished you could get access to a bigger audience? Would you like someone else to help you build your following? Here Is Your Chance! I am looking for a group of Christian authors who are willing to work together…

September 20, 2016

Simple Steps for Building an Email List

One of the best ways I have found to promote and sell my books over the years, is through email lists. This is something that marketing experts and author coaches will tell you is a must if you plan to be successful as an…

September 9, 2016