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What I Hope They Know Before They Go

July 17, 2017
My son is officially a high schooler. He will be a freshman this coming school year, but I already see it. He’s friends with all the lifeguards at the pool. Random high school guys (and girls) talk to him. He took a practice test for his driving permit today. And he passed. He is ready to take drivers’s ed so he can get his license next year. My mama heart isn’t ready for that yet. It’s like just yesterday he was my baby. Of course, he would never appreciate me saying that (it will be our little secret, okay?) Years ago, someone told me that I shouldn’t be raising children, but parenting future adults. Yes, it’s good to let kids be kids, but while they are being kids, we should be equipping them for the future. Back then, when my oldest was 5, that future seemed so far away. Now here I am with a man-child on my hands. He’s taller than me. He’s talking about life after high school (which he hasn’t even really been to yet). As a mom, it’s awesome watching our kids grow. Enjoying them when they’re small, and standing back as they spread their wings… […] The post What I Hope They Know Before They Go appeared first on Candidly Christian.
Standing Firm on the Gospel
Christian Women

Standing Against Satan at the Foot of the Cross

“If we are faithless, he remains faithful— for he cannot deny himself.” 2 Timothy 2:13 Satan is the ultimate deceiver. He’s a trickster. Constantly trying to slip into our thoughts and shake our faith. When he succeeds and gets a foothold in our lives, we have…

July 6, 2017
3 ways to grow your faith
Christian Women

Stuck in a Rut? 3 Steps to Spiritual Growth

You can live a Christian life, and still have a stagnant relationship with Jesus. I know, because I have been. My faith hasn’t grown this summer. In fact, it might have been a while since it has… I still pray and go to church…

July 6, 2017
Christian Women

The Beautiful Chaos of Summer

Does anyone else have a love-hate relationship with summer? I love the extra time with my kids, but hate how little I get done around the house. I love spending time outdoors in the sun, but I hate the extreme heat. I love the…

June 29, 2017
Christian Women

Summer Schedules & Jesus

Does anyone else have trouble holding down a routine during the summer? During the school year, my schedule is set. I get up, get my family ready to go. Kiss my husband, drop the kids off at school, and then settle in with a…

June 1, 2017
Christian Women

Let’s Be Real (we all struggle with something)

I was torn up online. I was hurt by people I didn’t know. My attackers called themselves Christians, and were chastising my lack of faith. But it wasn’t a lack of faith at all. It was an honest statement. Probably one all too many…

May 4, 2017
Christian Women

Whitewashed Christianity

I walked into church Easter morning feeling more like a whitewashed tomb than a temple of the Living God. Have you ever felt like that? Pretty on the outside, but just full of junk on the inside? It seems like the older I get,…

April 17, 2017