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Artsy Olive & Investing In Yourself

December 17, 2018
Artsy Olive and Investing In Yourself

Christmas is right around the corner. And while I finished my Christmas shopping last week, I still want to share something special I discovered with you. It’s a company called Artsy Olive. They make customizable framed prints for every occasion, and I am super in love with them.

Check out this one I got for my living room.

Collect moments not things - Artsy Olive

But they have prints for every occasion, style, and personality. You can get them customized with your name, the name of your child or favorite teacher, the date you were married or retired, they have so many options. Check them out here.

I was even able to snag a discount code. If you place an order before December 30th, you can use the promo code “blog15” and get a 15% discount on your order.

Oh, and they are giving away five free framed prints. You can enter to win below.

* indicates required

I mean, just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean we can’t enter giveaways and shop for ourselves, does it?

Invest in yourself - and an artsy olive #giveaway

A Candid Confession

But I’ll be candid with you for a moment… 

Shopping for myself is hard for me.

Can you relate?

I always think there are better ways to spend our money. As the mother of four, I’m constantly looking out for the needs of others. And I’m not a homemaker by nature. Decorating and investing in the atmosphere of my home isn’t my default setting.

Which is part of the reason I chose the print that I did.

So what about you? Do you struggle to invest in yourself?

Let me know in the comments below!

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