Christmas Hearts

Christmas Hearts

The Twelve Visits of Christmas Novella

Colette Hillard and Elliott Ashcroft have been friends for over three years – and each is harboring a secret fondness for the other.

Elliot hasn’t dated anyone for two years – but that isn’t enough evidence to convince Colette he has feelings for her. She hangs back and waits, hopes, and prays for something to happen.

It’s been three years since Colette’s husband died serving his country, and despite her inviting smiles, Elliot refuses to ask her out. He hesitates, wondering if, and when, there will ever be a chance at a new beginning for either of them.

Then Colette leads a new Christmas program at their church to bless needy families in the community with dinner and gifts. Individuals will pair up and visit the twelve homes on their list – each visit representing a different story. Before he can second guess himself, Elliot asks Colette to be his partner.

As Elliot and Colette discover a wealth of emotions along their twelve visits, will love be among them?

Christmas at the Cactus Cafe Novella

It’s Christmas Eve, and single mom Toni is regretfully preparing to close the diner that’s been in her family for generations. When a bitter winter storm strands a group of strangers, she’s glad to offer shelter and makeshift hospitality. But who is the mysterious man with the bullet wound? Will the last days of of the Cactus Cafe mean danger to Toni and her young son? And what will it do to her heart? Find out in this light hearted Christmas novella.

And More

In addition to these two Christmas novellas, you will also find some fun Christmasy short stories and devotions that will help you refocus your heart on Jesus this Christmas season. With Christmas quotes and Scriptures sprinkled thorughout, this is a book you won’t want to pass up this holiday season.

Christmas Hearts

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