Ribbons & Bows

Ribbons & Bows

Short stories and devotions are woven together with flash fiction and Christmas quotes in this holiday collection. Ribbons & Bows won’t steal your time but sprinkle a little bit of romance and a whole lot of Jesus into your holiday season. Whether you want to step back from the holiday hustle and bustle or add a little Christmas cheer to your everyday life, pick up a copy of Ribbons & Bows.

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Missing Jack: A Novella

Janice Frazier isn’t looking for love, she’s looking for her sweet ‘Jack’ Russell who’s been missing for two weeks. During her job for the rental agency, she drives Henry Jackson to his family home for the Christmas holidays and stumbles upon her precious pup. He is being cared for by a handsome veterinarian who has practically adopted him as his own. When an unexpected opportunity to dog sit for him for the holidays comes her way, she accepts the position. Will three days be enough time to figure out a way to get ‘Jack’ back into her life again?

Randall Jackson is trying to keep his wits about him while his mother and sister take over his home during the Christmas holidays. To spend time with his family, and keep his sister from sneezing away the holidays, his four beloved dogs, and the ‘Jack’ Russell he found on the golf course, must be kept in the pool house. Now, on extremely short notice, he needs a dog sitter! During a strange turn of events, he hires an attractive young lady to care for the dogs. For the first time in a long time, his interest is aroused, but he finds he’s in a competition, of sorts, for her attention with his younger brother, Chase.

With five dogs running around on the manor grounds… with Chase and Randall both vying for the attention of the attractive dog sitter… and, the Jackson’s wayward father appearing on the doorstep for Christmas… Jackson Manor may never be the same again!!!

Short Stories Include

  • Tumbleweed Christmas
  • Clara’s Suite Christmas
  • Barely Christmas
  • Found
  • Angel’s Inn
  • The Checkout Lane
  • A Key for Christmas

Holiday Devotions Include

  • Shining Like Rudolph
  • This Christmas Moment
  • Perfect for Christmas

Plus The City Christmas Flash Fiction Collection

  • The Cyclist
  • Saved By A Baby
  • A Tipping Story
  • Miracle On 2nd Street
  • Library
  • The Rideshare

Pick up your copy today to add a little bit of romance and a whole lot of Jesus to your holiday season.

Ribbons & Bows: A Holiday Collection

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The holiday season keeps us busy, but everyone has time for Ribbons & Bows. In this eBook, you’ll find a mixture of flash fiction, novellas, festive short stories, and even Christ-centered devotions. It’s the perfect combination to squeeze your book addiction into your Christmas celebration.

Ribbons & Bows is the second book in the CWW Faith & Fancy Christmas Series.
You can find the first book, Christmas Hearts, here.