The History of BooksFaithandCoffee.com

BooksFaithandCoffee was originally co-founded by Heather Hart and Shelley Hitz in 2012 as BooklyBooks.com. It was originally designed as a way to help authors get their books in the hands of readers, while at the same time helping readers find affordable books as the price of eBooks continued to climb. The motto was Finding You Books… for Less!

Heather Hart took over as the sole owner of the website in 2014 and renamed it Books, Faith, and Coffee in 2015. The reason for the change was two-fold. One of the reasons was there were so many book sites out there that offered information on cheap books, that the original mission of BooklyBooks.com was no longer unique or needed. The second reason was that
BooklyBooks.com did not reflect Heather as a person. It was a business, and Heather wanted to be able to connect with other readers that shared her passion for Christian books on a personal level.

Thus, BooksFaithandCoffee.com was born.

The mission at Books, Faith, and Coffee is to help Christian women connect over (you’ll never guess) books, faith, and coffee. Heather herself is a book lover with a passion for the Gospel of Jesus. You can find out more about her and her mission here.