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How to Study the Bible: Cover vs Cover

April 14, 2021

It’s time for another cover vs cover!

Can you find the difference between these two book covers?

Once you find it, just comment with “Found It” – don’t spoil it for anyone else!

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About How to Study the Bible

Do you long to study the Word of God but don’t know where to start? Do you want a method to help you understand passages of scripture and learn depth of meaning? God desires that you have a more intimate relationship with Him and with His word. He desires that you understand His word and grow in ways you never imagined.

With this bible study course you will learn 6 different Bible study methods you can choose from, how to choose the proper books that you will need to help you study, learn Bible study basics & more. How to Study the Bible for Beginners is a great little book to get anyone started on their Bible study journey to learning more about the most important book in the world and the most important Person in the world.

About the Author

Dr. Stephanie M. Carter is an ordained minister, author, bible teacher, certified forgiveness/prayer counselor, and mom to two sons, Jonathyn & Stephen. She is the women’s life empowerment coach. She has her Doctorate Degree in Theology from Christian Life School of Theology Global. She resides in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She is a contributing devotional writer at and creator of courses on her teachable site Grace to Live Empowerment School. Her purpose in life is to instill discipline, integrity, and uncompromising spirit within women in their covenant marriages and lives.

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