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Heather Hart has been designing book covers for almost a decade with the help of her husband, Paul. Paul has a bachelors degree in Graphic Design from Texas Tech University. However, he has admitted that somewhere along the way, the student surpassed the teacher (at least when it comes to book cover designs).

Heather designs all of her own book covers and runs them past Paul to get a professional opinion and add some finishing touches. She often uses this method when working with clients as well, and it hasn’t let her down yet.

This duo can help your next book stand out from the competition.

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You can find more of our pre-made covers that we have for sale here.

Contact Heather

If you’d like to contact Heather about a book cover design, you can use the form below.

Here are a few suggestions and questions to helping the process go smoothly:

  • Include links to 3-4 covers that appeal to you.
  • Make a note of any color preferences you have.
  • Suggest a timeline. Do you know when you’d like to have the cover completed? Or when you would like to see a mockup or three?
  • What’s your budget? Heather loves working with indie authors, but she knows that means budgets can be tight. Let her know what your cover budget is up front.
  • Add your book blurb so Heather can get a feel for your book.
  • Don’t forget your title, subtitle, author name, and anything else you want on the cover.
  • Do you want just a Kindle cover, or do you need multiple formats?

Please remember that Heather has the right to refuse service to anyone. She only creates book cover designs for clean fiction and non-fiction books. And only as time allows.

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If Heather designs your book cover, she can also provide you with 3D cover graphics to use for your marketing.

*Disclaimer: Some of the covers in this section were designed in collaboration with other cover artists. These graphics are just to give you examples of some of the 3D cover designs Heather can provide for you.