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I love to read, however I am usually very cautious about which books I agree to review. If I don’t think I can give your book a positive review, I will usually stay away from it. Part of this is because I try not to read books I don’t think I will like, and part of it is because as an author myself, I know that bad reviews hurt. Thus, on this page, I want to clearly layout what I look for in the books I review.


  • Storyline
  • Writing Style / Flow
  • Character Development
  • Reader Satisfaction
  • Publishing Quality

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Miracles in Disguise

Non Fiction

  • Content Development
  • Writing Style
  • Biblical Basis
  • Reader Satisfaction
  • Publishing Quality

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I’m Happy for You (Sort of… Not Really)


  • Layout and Design
  • Features
  • Durability
  • Devotional/Study Content
  • Functionality

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ESV Journaling Bible

NIV Bible for Teen Girls

Book Submissions

If you would like to submit your book for review, you can use my contact form here or submit your book through the CWWC here.

While I do read some Kindle books, I prefer to read and review print copies. Offering a print copy will increase your chances of your book being accepted for review.

Please note, I only read and review Christian books, and I usually only respond to requests that I am interested it. If you don’t hear from me, it’s probably because I cannot review your book at this time.

Two reasons I don’t accept a book for review are time constraints (I only take on books I have time to read) or I am simply not interested in the book. That could be because it’s not a genre I am interested in, or because it doesn’t come off as well done (poorly written or poorly published). However, most of the time I don’t accept books it is simply because they aren’t something I am interested in.

What books will I absolutely not review?

  • Nonfiction books about miscarriages or infertility (I am so sorry you have struggled with this, my heart breaks for you, but I am not your target audience.)
  • Fantasy books (I only read Fantasy books that I get by mistake, or from authors I follow online, and I never like them. They just aren’t my thing.)
  • Anything risqué (Seriously, don’t even ask. I don’t care how tactfully you have written your scenes, I don’t want to read them.)

What if I agree to review a book that I end up hating? 

I will never give a positive review to a book I don’t like. If possible, I will contact the author directly with my feedback. I prefer to not post reviews for those books, but I will post a negative review at the author’s request.


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