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On this page, I have shared some of my favorite resources for authors. You might also want to check out my list of books for authors here, and my author blog here.

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My Top 10 Favorite Resources for Authors

  1. Dropbox – I think Dropbox is a must have for any author. It backs up your files in a cloud that you can access from any computer. You can share folders with co-authors, cover designers, editors, and more. I simply LOVE it and would be lost with out it. It takes the need for e-mailing files back and forth out of the equation, allows you to work on your book/project from any computer (or device) and best of all, it’s free.
  2. SmartURL – This is a free tool I use for re-directing Amazon links to the correct countries. You can find out more about it in this post I wrote for
  3. InMotion Hosting – I used to use Bluehost to host all of my websites. I love how affordable it was, and how easy it was to navigate, however, I started having issues with downtime, so I decided to switch. InMotion Hosting has a similar pricing plan, and after using it for three years, I haven’t had any more issues with my websites.
  4. MailerLite – As much as I loathe email, I think it is one of the most powerful tools available to authors. Every author should have a list. I personally use TrafficWave as my main email list management service, it makes having a list affordable and easy to manage. One of the things I love about TrafficWave is that the price never goes up, no matter how many lists or subscribers you have. I have been using TrafficWave for years, and since I signed up some other great alternatives have become available. So, if you are just starting out, I highly recommend MailerLite. They offer a free package and some awesome landing pages, email templates, etc. that far surpass the quality of those TrafficWave offers at this time. TrafficWave has been beefing up their service, but I would still recommend MailerLite for new lists.
  5. LastPass – I LOVE LastPass. It keeps me sane by managing all my logins, passwords and also allows me to give access to specific accounts to outsourcers without giving them my password. Plus, I can access it on any computer and on my phone.  There is a free and paid version, both are awesome. You can watch my LastPass tutorial here (just know LastPass has updated the sign up process since it was created).
  6. Microsoft Office (Word, PPT, Excel) – Obviously, every author needs a word processor. I personally love Microsoft Word. has a similar software available for free, and I have used it in the past, but I simply love Microsoft Office and use it for all of my books, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  7. Adobe Stock – AdobeStock is a subscription service for royalty free photos. You get 10, print quality graphics every month with your subscription, and it is where I get all most all of my photos. I use graphics for my books, on my website/blog, and for social media, etc. Having quality images can make or break your success. So this is extremely important. I also have a subscription to and get some royalty free images from Pixabay.
  8. Photoshop – I use Photoshop for designing everything from blog images to book covers. I have tried the free software that is out there to do these things, and I just love how fluid Photoshop is. It is an investment, but it is my favorite graphic editing tool, and I really think it’s worth it. It will save you a ton of time and headaches. If you can’t invest in it, Canva is a great free alternative, but it doesn’t hold a candle to Photoshop. I also use eCover Authority to turn my book covers into 3D images.
  9. WordSwag – WordSwag is an app I have on my iPhone. It simplifies the creation of quote photos and lets me easily add my watermark and share them on social media. I simply LOVE it.
  10. The Sell More Books 30-Day Challenge Workbook – This is a step-by-step walk-through of how to sell your book that I put together with Shelley Hitz. But it’s not just a recommendation. I use this system for all of my own books, and having it all together in one workbook is huge. The workbook comes with complete access to our video training course, all for one low price.

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People to Follow

  • Alana Terry, who is also known as, “The Successful Christian Writer” is probably the number one person you should be following in my book. Alana is exactly what she’s known as – a successful Christian indie author. She has written over two dozen books (a combination of novels and non-fiction) and she shares what she has learned along the way with other authors. You can find out more here.
  • Chandler Bolt is an entrepreneur who became a six-figure author shortly after launching his first book. You can find his books on Amazon here.
  • Shelley Hitz has some great information for non-fiction authors/entrepreneurs. You can get her free video training here.
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