Christmas is Coming

Christmas is Coming

Christmas Is Coming

Do you ever feel like the holiday season flies by way to fast?

Heather does.

For years she felt the strain of the hustle and bustle. The holiday season would come and go, and she was left feeling like she was grasping at straws. She was so busy trying to do stuff that she wasn’t able to enjoy the moments.

This Christmas, Heather is ready to make a change.

Christmas is coming and she wants her heart to be ready. Join her in this new devotional as she builds anticipation for the holiday that’s coming and shifts her focus back to the reason for the season.

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Praise for Christmas is Coming

Heather has written an excellent devotional book that will lift your spirits during the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season and prepare your heart to worship the coming King. These devotionals are saturated with Scripture, personal antidotes, and Bible stories, which speak to the soul and add depth and meaning to the birth of our Savior. If you’re looking for a devotional book that presents the Christmas story with warmth and grace, look no further.

~ Luana Ehrlich, Author of Titus Ray Thrillers

Heather has a beautiful way of putting her heart on a page. Through her life stories, she transparently invites the reader to reflect on their own life stories, all while encouraging them to keep their focus on Jesus.

~ Jessica Schneider,

Using several personal and biblical stories to encompass the heart of Christmas, Heather has written devotionals to enhance our celebration of the season. Each devotional is centered on Christ and encourages the reader to focus on Him as the reason for the season. Heather reminds us that Christmas is still coming and “because of Christmas, we have hope for tomorrow.”

~ Lynn Mosher,

This is a wonderful Christmas devotional. Every day’s entry reminds me to keep Christmas simple, and points to the real reason of Christmas. I found it to be so helpful just to be reminded of these things, and I’ll be reading it again… several times. 

~ Sherry Chamblee, Wife, Mom, Writer, & Editor