Cover vs Cover: No One’s Bride

November 18, 2020

It’s time for another cover vs cover!

Can you find the difference between these two book covers?

Once you find it, just comment with “Found It” – don’t spoil it for anyone else.

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About No One’s Bride

Becoming a mail order bride is Amy’s last resort, but after narrowly escaping an attack by her lecherous employer, she’s desperate to escape. She won’t marry her waiting groom, however. She’ll find a way to repay him the train fare, but a lifetime of hardship has taught her to rely only on herself.

Adam’s life in the small Californian town of Green Hill Creek has everything he could want, except someone to love. Although hurt when Amy arrives and he discovers the truth, he feels God prompting him to protect her. But he’ll have to risk everything to show her he can be the refuge she longs for.

Amy’s determination to trust only in herself wavers in the presence of Adam’s kindness and charm, but when danger finds her again, will she flee?

Or will she stay and fight for a life she never dreamed could be hers?

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Meet the Author

In her mind, Nerys Leigh lives in a fairytale castle with turrets and secret passageways and sentient brooms that do the cleaning for her. In reality she lives in a small Victorian house (with no original features) and her broom is resolutely inanimate, no matter how much she sings to it. But reality is overrated anyway.

She writes books that are heart-warming, funny, exciting, and above all, wildly romantic, because that’s what she likes to read. And she adores a blissfully happy ending. 

She’s British, but she suspects she might be slowly turning into an American while she writes her stories set in the Wild West filled with mail order brides and railroads and cowboys. Sometimes she puts a U into a word, just to see if she still can. She can’t do the accent though.

Find all of her books on Amazon here.

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