Cover vs Cover: Play to God

September 9, 2020

It’s time for another cover vs cover!

Can you find the difference between these two book covers?

Once you find it, just comment with “Found It” – don’t spoil it for anyone else. 

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More About Play to God

Play to God is a lighthearted guide to shedding adult burdens and getting closer to the divine through play, in the moment and in the imagination.

Pamela Bowen teaches joyful, non-competitive games you might have forgotten or never learned. Inviting you to share them with children or play them in your much-neglected imagination. Play is equivalent to prayer, she claims, as it shows God that we are enjoying the gift of life.

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More About Pamela Bowen

Pamella Bowen started seeking God when, at the age of 33 she felt his presence in the recovery room after the birth of her first child. Until then she had been an atheist. Her spiritual journey included travel to England, where the Anglican church brought her to tears. She was baptized in the Episcopal church in 1991, completed Education for Ministry, and joined The Daughters of the King. However, it was Centering Prayer that brought her closer to God and started her true conversion. 

Bowen has been writing all her life, and she now writes for her fellow lost sheep. She wants to share her God-experience with seekers and believers of all ages. When she retired from teaching high-school English, she started writing country song lyrics, then Christian lyrics. After five years, she turned to writing children’s books, the first being Folding Memory: an Alzheimer’s Story, inspired by her husband’s hobby of folding origami frogs for bored kids at coffee shops. Other children’s titles include Faith and Grace Say Their Prayers, Pray for the World, and Old Vine and Little Branch.

For adults, she wrote Jesus in Jeans Journal containing the touching paintings of Nicole Schiffers. Journaling has been important in Bowen’s journey, and she shares journaling prompts in Jesus in Jeans Journal as well as in the two volumes of A Doubter’s Devotional.

As a new believer, Pamella Bowen feels called to share her insights into what she calls “making God real”—experiencing the divine first-hand in the real world. She avoids churchy jargon in her books, hoping to appeal to readers who stopped attending church or those who have never been religious. Though her target is the doubter, her books appeal to believers as well, especially those who want to get closer to the God who is really there.

Find all of Pamela’s books on Amazon here.

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