Cultivating Gratitude Without A Journal

November 11, 2019
Cultivating Gratitude

We are all created unique. So it should be no surprise that we all go about cultivating gratitude in our own way… right?

Probably not, actually.

I think it’s part of the comparison trap.

I actually wrote about it at the end of last year when I confessed I was going against the flow and not choosing one word. Some women love picking a word, it works for them. Others felt relief when they found out that they weren’t the only ones who struggled with the whole, “One Word” thing.

Which is why I’m going out on a limb again to confess my complete and utter failure with my gratitude journal.

You can read all about it in my post over on Candidly Christian.

But I don’t just share my failure. I also share my success. Because I’m not an ingrate. Honest.

In fact, cultivating gratitude is something I do work on. I share three ways I have found that work for me in my post. So check it out.

Why I Don’t Use A Gratitude Journal
& Tips For Cultivating Gratitude Without One

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