Faith, Fat, & Fitness

July 1, 2018
Faith, Fat, & Fitness

I have gained seventy pounds since my 30th birthday.

Seventy. Pounds.

That doubled my pants size.


After the first thirty or forty pounds, my doctor assured me it was normal for women in their thirties. Not that that made me feel any better. In fact, the more weight I have gained, the more discontent I have become. But since we are being honest, I have never in my life been on a diet (I don’t even own a scale). I have never been “skinny” but I’ve never really been overweight either… well, before now that is.

Now that I am officially, and completely, overweight, I’m not sure how to cope. There are enough diet options and exercise plans to drive a woman crazy. Worse yet, they often contradict one another. Faith & Fitness But what does the Bible have to say about the issue? How do our faith and our weight intersect?

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