How to Find Free Kindle Books

Every day Amazon has thousands of free Kindle books listed in their store. And, yes, they are FREE!  We wanted to share with you on this page how to find free Kindle books by providing you this mega list of links where you can get free eBooks for download daily. This is a page we recommend bookmarking and coming back to again and again as the free books will change daily.

When you click the links below they will take you to the appropriate category as listed on Amazon. The number of free Kindle ebooks has the potential to change hourly at Amazon, so just make sure when you click the book link that it still says free on the sales page before downloading.

Get Started…

Click your favorite genre (or all) of the links below and start downloading your free Kindle books today!

All Free Kindle Books

If you just want to seek which books are popular on Kindle right now, these are the links for you. You’ll get a good idea of the best free eBooks on Amazon.

New Releases

Want to see which new releases are free? These are the links for you. You can check out which of the free books on Amazon have been released in the last 30-90 days, and how popular they are. Once you click through, you can use the category options in the sidebar to find the newest free eBooks in your favorite genre.

  • Last 30 days – free books that have been released in the last 30 days
  • Last 90 days – free books that have been released in the last 90 days

Free Kindle Books by Genre

Want to find the eBooks that are best for you? The links below will take you directly to the free books in your favorite category. Books are sorted by Amazon’s algorithms, usually by popularity. Again, you can narrow it down even farther by using the category options in the sidebar.

There are literally thousands of free eBooks for download on Kindle daily.  Make sure to never miss out by coming back to this page often.

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You can read even more free eBooks when you sign up for Kindle Unlimited.

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  • Reply Jane March 15, 2018 at 2:05 am

    Hi Heather, you have provided the great tips for searching free books on Kindle. The links that you mention are very helpful. Thank you for sharing such an helpful post.

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