Frustration vs. Love

June 4, 2015


Have you ever had a day where you are just frustrated with people? I have. It actually happens more often than I would prefer to admit. I get frustrated. I get frustrated with the online world pretending to be perfect, yet really being prideful, rude, superficial. I get frustrated with people in authority who think rules don’t apply to them. I get frustrated when someones selfishness hurts those I love. But what it really comes down to is that people aren’t my problem. My frustration is really caused by my own lack of love for others. That’s my issue. It isn’t people. It isn’t the situation. It is me and my sinfulness. I’ve found that people probably aren’t going to change. I’m going to run into people on Facebook that answer a sincere question with a response that says “just Google it” or ask a question just to lash out at others who disagree with them. I’m going to have to face people in my life that have different priorities for my children than I do. I’m going to experience changes brought on by others. But what I’ve found is that while other people aren’t going to change the way they operate, I […]

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