3 Things Every Christian Woman Needs in The New Year

January 1, 2020
Bring in the new year

As the calendar rolls over, ushering in the new year, there are a few things I think every Christian woman needs. That’s not something I say a lot, but this time I think it’s true. And while I guess I might have said there are four things we all need, I didn’t put Jesus on my list. Because if you’re a Christian woman, that should go without saying. But I’ll say it here anyway: We all need Jesus this year.

But, beyond Jesus, looking at the calendar year, these are three things I hope you have to make your year great.

3 Things Every Christian Woman Needs in The New Year

1.) A Good Bible (& a plan)

This year I am using the CSB Day-by-Day Chronological Bible. I have also started a Facebook accountability group for women who want to read through the Bible chronologically in 2020. Feel free to join us here. You don’t have to purchase the Bible to join. You can download a PDF of the daily readings, or the plan is also available on YouVersion. Get all the details here.

While reading the Bible is essential for every Christian woman, reading the entire Bible chronologically, or even cover-to-cover every year isn’t. This is the first time I will be reading the through in one year. If it’s not something you are up for, don’t feel pressured or guilty. Just make sure you have access to a Bible so you can spend time with Jesus. Whatever that looks like for you.

If you have a Bible that’s special to you and a plan for your quiet time this year, I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

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2.) One Word

You’ve probably seen a lot of blog posts and even posts on social media about choosing one word for the year. In 2018, my one word (or phrase) was “Point to Jesus.”

I haven’t picked a word since then, so you might be wondering why choosing one word is on my list of essential things Christian women need to bring in the new year if I don’t choose one. At least, that would be a reasonable thing to wonder.

What the one-word movement offers Christian women, is a focus area for spiritual growth. Or a spiritual purpose. And that’s what I think every Christian woman needs. My spiritual purpose is still “Point to Jesus.” I adopted that in 2018 and God hasn’t impressed anything more important on my heart.

However, it’s a great practice for those who it does work for. And if that’s you, I’d love to hear what yours is in the comments below. If you struggle to pick one word, consider hopping over and reading this post I wrote last year about why I’m not choosing one word. It might help take some of the pressure off.

3 Things Every Christian Woman Needs In The New Year

3.) A Good Planner

Having a good planner keeps me sane. Seriously. I know we live in a digital world, but I need to write things down. If you can get by with the planner on your phone, then it’s a good planner for you. But if you need a physical planner like I do, by all means, you should get one!

This year I am using the Hope Planner, and I love it.

Just to share a little more about the Hope Planner from their website:

The Hope Planner is an all-in-one Christian planner. It’s unlike any planner on the market because it pairs the functions of a daily planner with the functions of a prayer journal.

Why is that so important?

Well, why do the things that keep us grounded in this world have to be separate? We’re talking about our faith and feeling organized. Jesus gives us peace and a good plan for the day, week, or month keeps our busy lives sane. But traditionally, we keep our faith for Sundays, Bible studies or prayer journals and then we close the book and do the rest of life. But why?! We say bring it together to officially get it together. Open your Bible every day like you open your planner. Write scripture, journal your prayers and be reminded of what’s on your heart while you’re managing all the things on your mind for the day.

The Hope Planner will help you to…
  • Never forget your daily quiet time for scripture study and prayer journaling
  • Scribble all the to-dos of life
  • Keep track of your schedule
  • Record your monthly projects & goals
  • Take Sermon notes every Sunday
  • Stay centered in Christ, while chasing your dreams
  • Find a fresh start each day
  • See God’s faithfulness at work in your life every day

I mean really, could it get any better than that?

Personally, I love that I can take my morning quiet time with me into the rest of my day. And I love that it has a place to write out a to-do list, and keep track of your daily appointments. It’s the perfect planner for me.

Anything Else?

Is there anything else you can think of that a Christian woman needs in the new year to get her off to a good start? I’d love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

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  • Reply Valerie January 3, 2020 at 8:07 pm

    I absolutely love this list! I’ve got all three so I’m in great shape! I also need a song, but that’s just me. New years Eve before bed I prayed for my word and the first thing I heard in my mind when I woke up was “simplify” and Jeremy camp’s song “keep me in the moment”

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