Jesus & My Birthday Wish

January 23, 2018
Jesus & My Birthday Wish

I wrote this post about Jesus and My Birthday Wish last year for my birthday, and while this year has been super crazy long and hard, not much has really changed. At least not as far as my birthday wish goes. Yes, my husband goes in for back surgery tomorrow morning. Yes, I have had horrible migraines for over six months now, and got some pretty devastating news earlier this week that I haven’t shared publicly yet.

So, I guess a lot has happened, but my faith isn’t based on circumstances. In fact, I just wrote a post a couple weeks ago about my focus for this year would be that I would point to Jesus. That’s my phrase for 2018.

I was talking to a friend yesterday and I shared that it kind of feels like my world is falling apart, but praise God, this world is not my home. That’s something I can hold on to. No matter what comes my way, I know that God is always good.

Yes, life is hard. Really hard. But I see God every day in the little things, and some times in the big things. He is constantly at work, and I know that. Even when life is all out of whack and bad things happen.

That’s the whole reason I wrote about my birthday wish last year…

Read More And Find Out What My Birthday Wish Is
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