Hope For When You Feel Like Giving Up On Life

February 15, 2018
When life is hard, there's still hope

I was ready to give up.

My head hurts so bad. I started counting the cost. Not just the cost, but the worth.

I had begged the hospital staff to let me go because my family needed me. But then I got home and my head hurt so bad I couldn’t get out of bed.

I was useless.

Sure, they loved me and were happy to see me, but I wasn’t needed.

And it’s a good thing I wasn’t.

Nine months ago I was on the top of the world. Hiking in the mountains of Colorado with my churches youth group and my family. Loving Jesus and living life to the fullest.

We had moved from Denver to our small Texas town back in 2012 and small town living suited us. Texas suited us. We missed the mountains, but we still got out and went hiking at least once a month. Life wasn’t always easy, but I breathed deep. I knew true happiness and contentment.

And then I got a headache that just wouldn’t go away… and it changed my entire world.

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