One of Those Mornings…

April 2, 2015


It was one of those mornings… you know the ones I’m talking about. My kids got up early, which means no quiet time for me. My husband had to work, so no help in getting the kids ready. I made everyone breakfast, but I forgot to eat. The kids were whining and we were running late for church. As I was speeding down the street trying to make up lost time, it hit me: We were going to God’s house, to worship Him, but I wasn’t honoring Him. Nagging and snapping at my kids, didn’t bring glory to God. Speeding down the highway, breaking the law, didn’t bring glory to God. Sometimes we are faced with difficult decisions. We don’t get our way, but we still must choose how we will react. As I look back on that morning years later, I still believe that God gets more glory out of us walking into Sunday School 20 minutes late, than if we would have been on time, angry, and disobedient. That Sunday morning so long ago, I heard God’s still, small voice whisper the question, “Does this really bring me glory?” As I eased off of the accelerator and apologized to […]

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