Seasons May Change But These Two Things Stay The Same

June 14, 2018

I have been looking back through the blog posts and devotions I have written over the years, and I am amazed at how much has changed. The struggles I went through, the verses that encouraged me, how Jesus was with me through each moment… all of it.

I have went through so many seasons. From being a new, stay-at-home mom to a mom that worked part-time and back again. From the moment my first book was published, to the years I spent as an author coach, to refocusing on my original calling. God has always been there.

I have had highs and lows. I went five years without sleep after my twins were born, spent a year and a half homeschooling, and then soaked in the quiet the first time I had the house to myself when the twins started preschool. Then I cried when my oldest son started middle school. I cried again when he started high school last fall. While the early years seemed to last forever, it now seems as if time is flying by.

So much has changed, yet two things remain the same.

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