Should I be following my role model or following God?

May 2, 2017

I recently read a book written by someone whom I admire. The book was really inspirational and discussed things I’ve been taught please God – being kind to others, taking care of your body, resisting temptation, working hard, etc. – and while it did discuss the importance of believing in a “higher power” (in the author’s case it was God) to some extent, there wasn’t too much of a faith-based perspective. I’ve found myself trying really hard to follow what this book’s been saying, but I’ve realized that when I try to follow the same rules because I know God would want me to, I just don’t have the same motivation. I feel really guilty. Should I keep trying to do what this book suggests? Will it make my faith weaker? Is it bad? 

~ Anonymous

Read Heather’s answer to this tough question here.

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