Summer Schedules & Jesus

June 1, 2017

Does anyone else have trouble holding down a routine during the summer?

During the school year, my schedule is set. I get up, get my family ready to go. Kiss my husband, drop the kids off at school, and then settle in with a cup of coffee, breakfast, and my Bible.

It gets my day off to the perfect start.

Then I usually workout, take a shower, and am at my desk by 9 am. It’s great.

Queue summer vacation and I get lost in the shuffle.

By August, I’ll have it down. But May and June? It’s a lost cause. The transition gets me every year.

And it’s not just one transition, it’s the constant changes. We abandon our school schedule, just to start a flurry of activities. Summer vacations, holidays, Vacation Bible School, fun summer activities, late nights, early mornings.

It’s June 1st and I’m already confused about what day of the week it is. We had a four day weekend that seemed to stretch out forever (which was awesome), but then the week started on Tuesday and I feel like I blinked and missed everything that’s happened since then.

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