Summer Stress (& finding room to breathe)

June 28, 2018
Summer stress...

Do you ever feel the pressure of summer stress? Maybe it’s having your kids home all day, maybe it’s pressure to do more fun family things, either way I think every mom stresses over something.

At least I do.

Summers are one of the most stressful seasons for me, but they are also one of my favorite seasons.


I’m sharing more over on Lemon Blessings today.

But to give you an idea, sitting by the pool is one of the highlights of my year. Even if it’s 107 degrees outside, on a hot Texas day, there’s just something serene about watching the kids splash while the music is blaring over the radio. I think it’s because it takes me out of my normal environment and forces me to relax.

It gives me room to breathe.

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If you aren’t familiar with Sarah’s blog, you should check out her “about” page here. I absolutely love the concept behind her blog, Lemon Blessings, because life isn’t perfect. So while you are over there reading my post, be sure to check out the rest of her site as well.

Candid Conversations

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