The Other Side Of Church Hurt…

September 13, 2018

Someone in our church was hurting. It started as a difference of opinions. We were praying for guidance and there was a disagreement over where God was leading us. Feelings were hurt.

What do you do when you are hurting for the one who’s hurting?

It wasn’t intentional, but it was done. We had hurt someone in our church family. Ironically, we had volunteered to be the ones to deliver the news because we didn’t want them to get hurt. But it didn’t matter.

Looking back, we could have handled it differently. We should have handled it differently. Our hearts were in the right place, but we still dropped the ball. And knowing we hurt them, hurt us. But there was nothing we could do. The damage was done.

Church Hurt Is Never One-Sided

Over the years I have heard story after story about church hurt. What I never realized until I was involved was that all of those stories were extremely one-sided. Not that what happened to them or what we did was any less wrong, but there really are two-sides to every story, and two sets of feelings involved…

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