The Story of My Life

February 7, 2017

Sexual abuse. Cancer. Divorce. Rejection. Drugs. Emotional abuse.

Each of us has a story to tell. We all have different pasts, different experiences, and different futures. Those words though, they were mine. Those are just some of the words from my past.

Heather Hart

I think so often we look at other women and we see them as either successes or failures. We think that they have either had a rough life, or an easy one. We think they are better than us or unworthy. We think they either get us or they don’t. We are constantly judging one another.

But first appearances can be deceiving.

What we see when we look at someone is simply a moment. A single glance cannot tell us anything about someone’s past or their future. A glance, in and of itself, can only tell us what’s on the surface.

Take myself as an example. When you look at me you may notice my appearance. My clothes, my weight, my face. You may see my picture is posted on a Christian website and discern that I am a follower of Jesus. But other than that, you only know what I tell you. You might make guesses to other things, but you have no idea who I am or where I come from.

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