The Truth About My Life -Online & Off

August 20, 2018

I talk to so many women online that I feel like I connect with. We think we would be great friends if we just lived closer together. But can I be real with you for just a moment?

I know there are women right here in my community that are just as real that I haven’t connected with.


Partly because I am an introvert and struggle to make friends.

I Am An Introvert

I love to reach out online. Comment on your posts. Reply to your tweets. Post fun gifs and emojis.

But in real-life I am reserved. I’m the quiet one that sits at the back of the room simultaneously wishing she had someone to talk to and hoping she doesn’t have to make small talk.

Face-to-face conversations are hard for me.

The longer I know someone, the better friends we become, the easier the conversations become. But there are very few people who I feel like I can really let my guard down with face-to-face. And even fewer people I feel like I can initiate out-of-the-blue conversations with. Even just writing this blog post thinking about face-to-face conversations my heart is racing and I’m shaking a bit.

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