The Ultimate Christian Living Bundle

March 24, 2021

Have you heard about the Ultimate Christian Living Bundle?

It’s your personal library of resources to help you grow in your faith, strengthen your marriage and relationships, and find peace in your everyday life.

If you’re like me, that’s exactly the kind of help my soul is craving.

PLUS, it’s a phenomenal deal (just $29.99 for 50 resources worth $1,181.78).

To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed at first. I mean, it’s a truckload of information. But they have done something so cool, that it tool the information overload out of the equation.

You want to know what that is, right?

For an extra ten bucks, you can buy “Cheat Sheets.”

They all follow the same layout and tell you exactly what each resources is, how you can access it, etc.

Basically, they took the hard part and did it for you. …Or for us, I guess I should say.

I was able to print off the cheat sheets for the five products I most wanted to dig into, and used those cheat sheets to help me know which one I should do first.

Talk about a time saver.

I do encourage you to purchase soon, though. This bundle (and the cheat sheets) will only be available through Thursday (March 25th)

Get yours here:

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