What I Hope They Know Before They Go

July 17, 2017

My son is officially a high schooler.

He will be a freshman this coming school year, but I already see it. He’s friends with all the lifeguards at the pool. Random high school guys (and girls) talk to him. He took a practice test for his driving permit today. And he passed. He is ready to take drivers’s ed so he can get his license next year.

My mama heart isn’t ready for that yet.

It’s like just yesterday he was my baby. Of course, he would never appreciate me saying that (it will be our little secret, okay?)

Years ago, someone told me that I shouldn’t be raising children, but parenting future adults.

Yes, it’s good to let kids be kids, but while they are being kids, we should be equipping them for the future. Back then, when my oldest was 5, that future seemed so far away. Now here I am with a man-child on my hands.

Read my post, “What I Hope They Know Before They Go” over on Candidly Christian.

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