When My Mama Bear Instincts & Faith Collide

September 27, 2018
I dropped the ball... again.

“Pass him! Pass him!! Pass!!! Him!!!!” I screamed louder and louder until my voice grew horse.

The cross country runners were less than twenty yards from the finish line and closing and my boy was just inches from passing the runner in front of him. I knew he could take him. And he did.

I cheered even louder as he crossed the finish line, beaming with pride. I knew he could do it.

It was then that I realized I was getting some dirty looks from the other moms who were gathered to watch the runners finish the race… I was so caught up being excited for my guy that I didn’t stop to think about the kid he was passing… or his mother. Now I wondered if she was one of the ones staring me down.

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