When The Gospel Isn’t Good News

April 10, 2017

I remember driving my friends to church when I was in high school. One night, on our way home, I was pulled over. I remember it for two reasons.

One, because it was the very first time I had ever been pulled over.

And two, because one of the guys in the back seat had been arguing with me about the speed limit moments before we saw the flashing lights. He thought I should be driving faster, but I refused. Thus, I know I wasn’t speeding. The cop tried to argue otherwise.

Now, arguing with a cop is never a good idea, but my perfect driving record was at stake. I was a good church girl and he had no right to suggest otherwise.

After checking the IDs of everyone in the car, and doing a visual check to see if we had any illegal substances with us, he let us go without so much as a warning.

And he left me shaking.

His insinuation that I had broken the law rocked me to the core.

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